It’s a Self Investment!

Investing in ourselves is something we rarely do! Our excuses are often time and money! We ‘never have the time’ to exercise because we have ‘very important things’ to do! We could sacrifice to purchase that new LCD Smart T.V, however, we would have to check our budget to treat ourselves to a healthy meal.

” A stitch in time saves nine”

We see worm farming as a short-term investment with long-term benefits for generations to come.

  • Your initial culture, as well as the waste conversion rate, double every 2- 3 months.
  • Your kitchen and yard waste can now be recycled for your needs.
  • The vermifertilizer harvested reduces your dependence on synthetic agro-chemicals.
  • There is greater confidence in what you are eating because you grew it!
  • The surplus earthworms and compost generated can be sold or traded.
  • This valuable experience and tradition are easily passed on to successive generations in order that they could continue to sustain themselves.

We can continue to hope that the government will do something about the environmental problem that we are perpetuating or we can try and treat it within our homes or communities and eat healthier and live cleaner.

In this video, we are sharing some feedback from our valued customers on their ‘self-investment.’

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