Five Rivers Secondary- into worm business!

As we continue to expand on our future farmer base we would like to introduce to you Five Rivers Secondary (FRS)

FRS seems to be no stranger to the spotlight as it has a winning track record in a number of events.

Teacher Jeanette Browne has contributed her fair share to this winning streak by challenging her students to be creative and this push has placed them first on several occasions.

They have built on the knowledge and ideas that we have shared with them and created technologies that could partially automate vermicomposting as well as saleable products.

Semi-Automatic vermicomposting system


Vermi- Products


Several of Ms. Browne’s projects have awarded her first and second place prizes locally and internationally. Furthermore, her students are able to tangibly experience simple sustainable environmental technologies.

We are happy to have helped stimulate some thought and as we continue to work together we will train more future worm farmers.

Future farmers at work!



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