Creepy Crawlies + Women =?

Creepy Crawlies + Women= Scream and jump!


Well, at least not at our worm farm!

Our experience has been quite different and today we are quite happy and proud to celebrate with the rest of the world “International Women’s Day” Women are indeed pressing forward and progressing beyond that “glass roof ceiling”.

Most of the women and girls we have taught or just had a conversation with were never intimidated by earthworms. In fact, they have been the most enthusiastic about getting started and impacting our environment in a positive way.

Most of our customers are women and to be honest, based on our training and interactions we believe that there are more women doing worm farming than men! Fellas don’t take this personal!!!

Most women can now access information and freely use it to their benefit!



We will continue to do our part in ensuring that they are treated and respected equally!

Blessings to all Women and particularly our brave and proud women worm farmers!


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