Our Story

Boissierre Greens Earthworm Farm Ltd (BWF).

BWF is an agro-based small business with huge potential in the organic farming industry. Worm farming or vermiculture is successfully practiced in many countries throughout the world and the time came for it to be established in Trinidad and Tobago. How though did BWF come about?

Two individuals unknown to each other, both shared a passion for the development of living soil. Mr. Dexter Ragoonanan a landscaper and farmer from Grand Couva and Mr. Micah Martin, a UWI research student were both intrigued by the practice of vermiculture and the end product, vermicompost.

After meeting through a mutual contact, they decided to merge their strengths of sound research and practical experience together, thereby forming boissierre greens earthworm farm Ltd. this registered business is backed by over four years experience in sustainable waste management through composting.

Our team of five, focuses on producing high-quality vermicompost and soil amendments, for we are convinced that healthy fruits and vegetables are the product of healthy soils. Our slogan is: our earth gives your soil it’s worth’. We have shared this knowledge through workshops and with the youth in a number of our nation’s schools.

In addition to worm farming, boissierre greens earthworm farm Ltd. is exploring on a small scale, other aspects of farming, such as crop, poultry and honey production, as well as, rearing of livestock thereby seeking to develop a model of sustainable living. We see ourselves as leaders in the worm farming industry and look forward to providing you with quality organic products.


Dexter Ragoonanan
Micah Martin


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