Compost Tea

Our compost tea has been brewed from composts derived from a rich blend of different organic materials. It is a good source of essential plant nutrients necessary for all your gardening needs. Compost tea is also a good source of beneficial soil microbes and plant growth regulating compounds.


You may use directly or if you so desire, dilute with not more than 2 parts rain water.


Apply to leaf foliage using a spray can set to fine droplets or apply directly to the root zone.

Vegetables: Apply 50ml per plant once per week.

Seedlings: Apply as a foliar application once per week


Help us protect our environment by disposing of your plastic containers properly 🙂



3 Comments on “Compost Tea

  1. Hey my avocado tree dropped all its flowers this year and did not bear a single fruit. Will compost tea help and if so, in what quantities? It’s a polluck about 8 years old

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    • Hello Marlene, compost tea will help with your situation, however, I would suggest we do a basic diagnosis on your soil by testing the pH. This may give us an idea of how best to approach your situation. Please give me a call (367-6388 Micah) and we can discuss further.


  2. I would like to come visit and also get the price of your worms? Are lady bugs available for sale too?

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