Soil Amendments


Nature’s natural fertilizer, derived from the activity of earthworms and microbes. A rich blend of various types of organic materials to give you the desired results you are looking for.

  • Replenishes soil beneficial microbes
  • Natural source of essential plant nutrients
  • Promotes healthy root system
  • Good source of plant growth regulating substances

Soil Mix

Our specially formulated Soil Mix is designed to improve your soil’s physical and chemical properties.

  • It is pH regulated (6.5-7.3) for improving nutrient availability and promoting microbial activity within your soil.
  • It improves soil porosity and encourages root penetration for improved nutrient absorption.
  • Our trails have shown that plants were able to grow for at least 3 months without additional fertilizer.


  1. Vermicompost (VC) works best in small doses, It is preferably used as top-dressing for nutrient replenishment, however, if you intend to create a soil blend then you could dilute in a ratio of 1VC: 3 parts soil media.
  2. Soil Mix (SM) Use directly as a soilless media or mix with garden soil using a ratio of 1SM: 3-4 parts garden soil.

Economy Option:

we usually encourage persons to use their vermicompost more sparingly by using our soil mix as their growing media and the vermicompost for occasional nutrient replenishment.

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