Teach a man how to fish!..Teach the youth how to farm worms!

The thought of worm farming is no longer abstract in Trinidad and Tobago. Several persons have already received our training and are on their merry way to becoming successful worm farmers. Most importantly we have encouraged all  our students to see this as their way of contributing to a healthier environment by reducing pollution.There is money to be made but it should not be the ultimate goal as a worm farmer. We see all our students as partners in promoting climate-smart agriculture and for this reason, we are partnering with our nation’s schools in an attempt to introduce them to worm farming. We look forward to the day when Vermiculture-Technology is taught as a life skill in our locally accredited Tech-Voc institutions. We see its value particularly in our youth because the essence of the old adage “Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is essentially what we are fulfilling as we “teach them how to farm worms“. 

This following video below provides a synopsis of the schools we have interacted with and the progress they have made. A favorable response was not always unanimous amongst all students, however, the engagement and discussion stimulated their minds. This project was accomplished with the kind support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, St. George West County and The Heroes Foundation. It is our desire to engage more schools in 2017 and we are open to sponsors in favor of adopting schools.