Cocoa Flavored Soil, anyone?

This was not the typical world soil day celebration that one would expect! On days like these we are accustomed to high-level celebrations with dignitaries and very modest ‘hello’s and hi’s coupled with firm handshakes and smiles. We also should not forget the philosophical speeches which can have us dreaming occasionally!

World soil day celebration was due to the efforts of The UWI, Faculty of Food and Agriculture and FAO. The celebration started with a folk dance and dramatization of man’s origin and his ongoing relationship with the soil and environment. The involvement of soil in the carnival art-form was very enlighting.



The aroma of cocoa boiling brought some excitement to the taste buds however persons were really surprised to find out that it was a flavoring used to enhance the appeal of soil for body painting.




Please be mindful that not all soils are good for J’ouvert! the science and preparation process requires experience!




The use of soil and by extension agriculture to stimulate behavioral change was another highlight of the day.

20171205_134911 ed

Mr. Francis shared some life-changing experiences through the continuous work being done by the prison officers in helping to reintroduce changed individuals back into society.




Ms. Chen also shared some of the work being done by the Green Market to help create a social safety-net for school students using agriculture.

Other aspects of the day included different sessions focused on the agronomic and environmental relevance of soil.

Soil Diagnostic Services by FFA


All in all! I say a job well done by The UWI and FAO for raising the awareness on a neglected natural resource that needs to be urgently protected or else we all perish!